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Since 2006, Mast Capital has been reshaping the real estate landscape, merging visionary design concepts with innovative investment strategies. With a portfolio exceeding $3.5 billion in total project capitalization, our core expertise lies in distinctive investments.

By harnessing our profound experience and deep knowledge rooted in success, we are able to navigate complexity to unlock opportunities where others would lack understanding. 

We prioritize excellence, sophistication, and intellectual rigor in all our endeavors. Our discerning eye for original ideas and unique collaborations have established us as visionaries in the industry, dedicated to both the long-term success of our ventures and the betterment of the local communities we help shape.

We lead with optimism, always challenging the status quo to pioneer new industry standards at every turn. Our diverse portfolio spans hotels, residential condominiums, multifamily, commercial buildings, operating businesses, and land earmarked for future development. 

Our team

Jordan Kornberg

Chief Investment Officer

Rick Vogel

Chief Development Officer

Cassie Resnick

Managing Director

Eran Landry

Managing Director

Michael Patrizio

Managing Director

Jabree Brooks

Chief Financial Officer

Carlos Casal

Executive Vice President, Construction

Joseph Ianoale

Senior Vice President, Acquisitions & Asset Management

Maria Victoria Tomic

Vice President of Marketing & Design

Christina Cuervo

Executive Director, Development and Acquisitions

Alexandra Ochoa

Director, Accounting and Finance

Refined through years of insight and experience, both our exceptional in-house team and robust investment process establish key differentiators that provide clear competitive advantages:

  • Assured Capitalization Icon

    Assured Capitalization

    Our discretionary capital differentiates us from other real estate developers by enabling us to work in partnership with property sellers to guarantee quick closings. Our expertise includes partnering with some of the most respected institutional private equity funds in the world.

  • Vertical Integration Icon

    Vertical Integration

    We offer full in-house acquisition, development, construction, and asset management. Our teams are highly integrated and use complementary skill sets to execute a unified vision across a variety of property types.

  • Thoughtful Structuring

    Thoughtful Structuring

    We employ a sophisticated approach to structuring our acquisitions, maximizing value to our investors while providing creativity and flexibility to sellers and other third parties while minimizing risk.

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